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We were extremely pleased that you were able to sustain 100% of the credits claimed for tax years ending March 2004 through March 20006. alliantgroup obtained successful results without requiring significant time or effort from Sierra Aluminum, which in return made the audit less burdensome on us.

Sierra Aluminum Company

Hiring & Training Credits

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California offers tax incentives to employers to stimulate the local economy through investments and jobs in economically distressed areas called Enterprise Zones. For hiring in an Enterprise Zone, companies may be eligible to receive a significant tax credit, and in some cases refunds.

With the maze of laws, regulations, and administrative forms and requirements, companies often miss the opportunity to maximize their credits or overlook the hiring credits entirely. alliantgroup identifies qualified employees in the past, present, and future; secures qualifying documentation; obtains vouchers on qualifying employees; and provides an annual hiring credit schedule with complete back-up to substantiate the credit claimed.

We also administer federal hiring credits such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and Welfare to Work Hiring Credit Programs, Federal Empowerment Zones, and Renewal Communities. These tax credits provide businesses with an incentive to hire individuals who live and work in many economically distressed communities across the United States.

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