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Former Congressman Rick Lazio Named alliantgroup Senior Vice President

Former Congressman Rick Lazio has been named Senior Vice President of alliantgroup, a national tax consultancy. The four-term Representative from New York has been a member of alliantgroup’s Strategic Advisory Board since 2011, offering his unique economic and policy expertise for the benefit of U.S. businesses.

In his new position, Lazio will be taking on additional leadership duties for the firm and will play a vital role in spreading awareness of the various federal and state tax incentives available to American companies. Lazio will be focusing on nationwide outreach to the software and tech industries along with expanding the footprint of alliantgroup’s New York City Office.
“In Congress, I fought to help small and medium-sized businesses remain competitive in a global economy. The next chapter of my career will be dedicated to helping these businesses create new jobs and keep them here in the United States,” Lazio said. “This is a very exciting time for our firm – alliantgroup is well-positioned to bring greater value back to U.S. businesses as our government adopts new pro-growth and pro-taxpayer regulatory changes.”

During his time in Congress from 1993-2001, Lazio earned a reputation as an advocate for small and mid-size businesses. Lazio’s long list of accomplishments includes his sponsorship of the Small Business Tax Fairness Act of 2000, his role in helping to draft and enact the first balanced budget in decades and his support of numerous pro-business initiatives. By the time Lazio had left office in 2001, the federal budget was in a surplus, millions of jobs had been created, taxes had been cut and millions of Americans had moved from welfare to work.

In his post-congressional career, Lazio has held several positions in the private sector, first working for JP Morgan Chase as an Executive Vice President and then later as the Managing Director of the Assets Group. He has also served on the boards of numerous civic and philanthropic organizations in New York, including the Committee for Economic Development and the Association for a Better New York (ABNY).

“Rick has always been a staunch advocate for entrepreneurship and American enterprise and I am thrilled that he has taken an even larger leadership role with our firm,” said Dhaval Jadav, alliantgroup CEO. “Since joining us six years ago, Rick has been phenomenal in educating U.S. businesses about the value of credits and incentives and in advocating their importance to policymakers.”

alliantgroup’s mission is one of education and awareness—we exist to help industry organizations, U.S. businesses and the CPA firms that advise them, take full advantage of all federal and state tax credits, incentives and deductions available. Our government has legislated these powerful incentive programs to help businesses grow and successfully compete both in the U.S. and abroad. We are proud to have helped over 20,000 businesses claim more than $5 billion in tax incentives. alliantgroup’s headquarters is in Houston, Texas, with offices across the country including New York, Boston, Chicago, Orange County, Sacramento, Orlando, Indianapolis and Washington, D.C.