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Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 from 12:00 – 1:00 PM CDT

Join alliantgroup’s Managing Director Michael Siegel for a free webinar worth one hour of CPE credit. Due to major technological advancements in virtually every industry, more businesses than ever before can qualify for The R&D Tax Credit. This technology boom has created new opportunities for R&D in nontraditional industries. During this webinar, Siegel will discuss how businesses that are not in the IT and software industry may still qualify for valuable tax credits for their day-to-day activities. In recent years, this credit has been expanded through regulatory changes and landmark legislation to the great benefit of small and medium-sized companies.

Many CPAs are missing out on tax credit and incentive opportunities for their clients because they are unaware of how the R&D credit has expanded in recent years. This credit is designed to reward American job growth and innovation. Any US company that performs technical work in the United States is eligible for the R&D credit.

alliantgroup partners with over 4,000 CPA firms and the businesses they serve. By providing CPAs and businesses with the information that they need to stay ahead of ever-changing regulations and industries, alliantgroup hopes to ensure their continued success.


Michael Siegel is a Managing Director at alliantgroup who has helped software and tech companies claim millions in federal and state R&D tax credits. He is a certified public accountant with more than twenty years of experience helping businesses claim powerful tax incentives.

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