HOUSTON, July 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — alliantgroup Director of Energy Credits and Incentives Andy Gerstenhaber will be hosting a free webinar entitled “Tax Benefits for Working on Government Buildings” on August 2nd at 12:00 pm CT. During this presentation, Gerstenhaber will discuss why the services performed on government-owned buildings by many architects, contractors and construction firms qualifies these companies for the Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Deduction (better known as Section 179D of the tax code).

For common renovations or retrofits that enhance the energy efficiency of government-owned structures such as public schools, business owners can receive a deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot on each of their qualifying buildings. Aside from just K-12 schools and universities, government-owned buildings ranging from military barracks, courthouses, airports, transportation facilities and government offices have also qualified for this tax deduction.

“I would highly encourage all CEOs and business owners of architecture firms, construction firms and contractors to attend this webinar,” said alliantgroup CEO, Dhaval Jadav. “If your business has worked on public schools or any other government-owned buildings at the federal, state or municipal level, your company could qualify for this very lucrative tax deduction.”

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