HOUSTON, Sept. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Last night, alliantgroup participated in a competition for Connectiv’s People’s Choice Award during the association’s Innovation Awards Ceremony in New York City. During the event, alliantgroup’s Director of Talent Kim Tardy delivered a short “Shark Tank” style presentation on the firm’s workplace culture and the role it has played in fueling the company’s unprecedented growth and success over the years.

Earlier this month, alliantgroup was named one of three winners of Connectiv’s “Revitalizing Workplace Culture” category, an award that is given out based on a range of metrics used to measure corporate culture and engagement. These metrics include the use of architecture and design to optimize productivity and innovation, the amount of cross-disciplinary collaboration between teams, the bottom line profitability gained from the company’s culture and the degree that the culture has been embraced by its employees.

During an interactive and lively session with three different judges, Tardy presented the merits of the firm’s core cultural initiatives. Specifically, Tardy focused on the importance of a strong core mission to drive employee engagement, the firm’s emphasis on employee health and wellness, adherence to core cultural tenants such as collaboration and employee investment and the benefits of a modern office space.

“Kim gave an amazing presentation last night,” said Dhaval Jadav, alliantgroup CEO. “She truly represented the core tenants of our firm and what makes our workplace so special. It is our people and our culture that make alliantgroup the best professional services organization in the world and I will continue to invest in a dynamic workplace that allows our employees to meet their full potential.”

alliantgroup is a premier tax consultancy and the nation’s leading provider of specialty tax services. The firm specializes in helping American businesses and their CPAs identify and claim powerful tax incentives designed to foster economic growth and competitiveness. To date, alliantgroup has helped over 12,000 businesses claim more than $6 billion in government-sponsored credits, incentives and deductions. alliantgroup’s headquarters is based in Houston and the firm has offices in New York, Chicago, Indianapolis, Boston, Orlando, Irvine, Sacramento and Washington, D.C. For more information, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.