HOUSTON, April 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — alliantgroup Director and Former Alabama Governor Bob Riley addressed students at the University of Alabama’s Ferguson Center yesterday on the topic of leadership and civic engagement. During his keynote address given to over 250 people, Riley (a University of Alabama alum) discussed his time at the university and how his personal experiences there ultimately shaped his career as a leader in public life.

During his address, Riley emphasized the hard lessons that he learned regarding the importance of leadership while attending the university and encouraged those in attendance to pursue their passions and be leaders as they begin their respective careers. Whether it be running a business or a life devoted to public service, Riley encouraged those in attendance to always lead and to choose careers that will make a real difference in improving the world around them and in supporting their local communities.

As a firm, alliantgroup seeks to live up to these values by upholding a mission that benefits U.S. businesses and the broader American economy. For students interested in pursuing a career with alliantgroup, the firm provides its professionals with a dynamic and team-oriented work environment and gives its professionals the chance to do consultation work that strengthens U.S. businesses and advances economic opportunities for people across the country. The firm is also looking for leaders to help grow the company and offers unlimited upward mobility to its professionals.

“The University of Alabama stands for excellence and so do the professionals at alliantgroup, which is why they want to hire you,” said Riley. “For leadership, it’s simple. If you have a gut wrenching desire to do something, do it. That’s what happened to get me into politics and that’s what happened with the founders of alliantgroup.”

alliantgroup has a detailed onboarding and corporate training program and emphasizes life-long learning and career development. The firm also offers substantial benefits to its professionals including a generous compensation package, medical and dental coverage, a 401(k) match savings account, and perks such as access to the firm’s onsite gym and a fully developed health and wellness program.

“Our company strives to not only hire the best and brightest individuals, but those that are interested in joining a mission-based organization that provides an incredible service for the benefit of U.S. businesses and the American economy,” said alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav. “For students looking for more than just a job, for those wanting to lead and be part of a greater cause, I encourage them to consider Governor Riley’s inspiring words and look into our firm and other mission-based organizations.”

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