From left to right: Harold Ford, Jr., Rick Lazio, Kit Bond, Joe Crowley, Mike Johanns and Bob Riley

alliantgroup’s Leadership, Technology & Policy Summit took place on November 7th and 8th at our Houston headquarters. Over a hundred CPA and industry partners were in attendance to hear from renowned experts in the fields of technology, agriculture, cybersecurity and tax policy. During the event, many important topics were discussed that directly apply to architecture, engineering and construction firms across the United States.

Need To Know Tax Changes

The Future of 179D

With many of our CPA guests having clients in the build and design industry, the Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction (179D) became a hot topic of discussion. Expected to be part of the “extenders package” later this year or early 2019, the Efficient Commercial Building Deduction has been a main-stay for architecture, engineering and construction firms to remain competitive amongst thinning profit-margins.

During the Summit, Former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and alliantgroup Director Dawn Levy stated, “For the first time ever, Kevin Brady, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee held hearings regarding the extenders package, and Rick Lazio (Former U.S. Congressman and alliantgroup Senior Vice President) defended our provision on 179D.”

As a public and vocal advocate of 179D, Lazio has continued to educate legislators on the need for this incentive, stating, “Encouraging energy-efficient building significantly supports the policy goals of Congress of energy independence and energy efficiency for our nation, while at the same time reducing costs for both businesses and taxpayers.”

The Crital Need for Employee Engagement

Leadership and Management Trends

The event began with an interactive lecture from Thomas DeLong, a Senior Fellow, former Philip J. Stomberg Professor at the Harvard Business School and author of “Flying Without a Net”—a book recognized by the editors of Amazon publishing as one of the top ten books written on leadership this century.

Former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and alliantgroup Director Dawn Levy

According to DeLong, getting the company’s professionals to completely buy into the organization (to form what he referred to as a “covenantal relationship”) is the key to creating a high-performance culture and building a sustainable organization—and such a relationship can only be achieved when leadership invests in and builds those lasting interpersonal relationships with their developing professionals. Creating a culture of professional development often requires pushing people out of their comfort zones, but in DeLong’s eyes, allowing employees to stumble to learn new roles is a necessary step in ensuring organizational and professional growth.

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