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Hey Texas Business Owners: Come and Claim Your R&D Tax Credits!

From Galveston to El Paso, innovative Texas businesses are working hard to drive the Lone Star state forward. Unfortunately, many Texas business owners are unaware that Congress has enacted powerful research and development (R&D) tax credits designed to reward them for these daily business activities.

Companies operating within more than 40 industries are eligible to claim this lucrative dollar-for-dollar incentive, and because everything’s bigger in Texas, business owners can also benefit from the added bonus of a powerful state-sponsored R&D Tax Credit.

Over the past 15 years, alliantgroup has worked hand-in-hand with Texas CPA’s and the businesses they serve to identify more than $601 million dollars in tax credits and incentives. We would welcome the opportunity to provide your business with a gratis assessment to review any tax savings opportunities you could be overlooking.

Texas Success Stories

Software Developer &
Technology Firm

Annual Rev. $15MM

Credit Result: $337,000

System Integrator &
Solutions Provider

Annual Rev. $96MM

Credit Result: $650,000

Engineering, Procurement &
Construction Company

Annual Rev. $100 Million

Credit Result: $3.9 Million

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