CEOs, CFOs, Presidents Or Partners Of Companies Across All Industries That Participate In Contracted Work For The U.S. Government


Thursday, May 30th 2019 from 12:00-12:30pm CT

If your company has performed work for the government on a contractual basis, there is a good chance that you are leaving immense value on the table for your business.

Many government contractors are under the impression that if they complete work for the government, they are automatically disqualified for valuable government incentives. Despite what you may have heard, being paid by the federal government does not disqualify companies from claiming government incentives. In fact, eligibility for these incentives has put millions back into the pockets of companies from government contract-heavy industries such as software and technology, IT solutions, military, defense, aerospace and much more.

If your company has performed any technical projects for the U.S. government (and has been paid on a contractual basis), please join us for a complimentary webinar hosted by alliantgroup Director Alex Kirillov as they discuss a potentially tremendous opportunity for a wide-range of American businesses.

If your company performs any of the following projects for the federal government, you could qualify for substantial tax savings:

  • Development of algorithms to enhance accuracy of visual and video identification systems
  • Designing software according to new and enhanced security protocols
  • Development of new and improved scientific testing processes
  • Firmware development and enhancement
  • Incorporating newer technologies and capabilities into existing systems
  • Design and development of software and/or hardware platforms
  • Database architecture design, implementation or improvement
  • New or improved infrastructure design
  • Hardware prototyping
  • Testing and validation of new materials and prototypes for use in new combat systems

Be sure to attend this webinar to learn the hidden value behind your government contracts!

About the Presenters:

Alex Kirillov is a Technical Director at alliantgroup, specializing in the software & technology, government contracting and architecture & engineering industries.
Over the past six years, he has worked with over 500 U.S. businesses to help them identify valuable government incentives. In his role at alliantgroup, Alex has helped small and medium-sized businesses claim over $300 million in credits and incentives.

Wilbur Suggs is a Director at alliantgroup’s national headquarters based in Houston. Wilbur represents clients against the IRS and other state taxing authorities to resolve complex tax disputes. He received his B.A. in Finance from Morehouse College and his J.D. at South Texas College of Law in Houston.

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