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Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 from 12:00 – 12:15 PM CT


If you are a software or tech company that is looking to grow and expand, now is the time to look into the powerful government incentives that are designed specifically for your industry. The value of these tax rewards can help you increase profits, invest in new products, service lines, or hire new staff. If any of the above sounds beneficial to you then you need to join us for a 15-minute online presentation that will explain how you can take advantage of these valuable incentives.

Your company could qualify for these tax rewards based on the work you perform every day including:


  • Design and development of software
  • Developing software for cloud integration
  • Designing and modeling with AFT software
  • Testing software prototypes
  • Designing applications
  • Iterative testing and validation of e-commerce systems
  • Engineering of computing hardware
  • Development of digital relationship management software


Join our tax industry incentive experts, Alex Kirillov and Margorie McLenan, for a short 15 minute presentation that will give you everything you need to know ahead of annual tax planning. They’ll explain how the incentives work and what the latest changes to the tax code means for you. Register below for this powerful presentation.

About the Presenters:

Alex Kirillov is a Technical Director at alliantgroup, specializing in small and mid-sized businesses. Over the past six years, he has worked with over 500 U.S. businesses to help them identify valuable government incentives. In his role at alliantgroup, Alex has helped small and medium-sized businesses claim over $300 million in credits and incentives.


With an unmistakable passion for integrated technologies, Margorie McLenan’s leadership has helped software, systems and high-tech businesses claim over $45 million in federal and state tax incentives. She is one of the driving forces behind alliantgroup’s Software Industry Practice Group, where she has steered over 400 tax studies through the identification, substantiation and implementation processes that accompany a tax credit study.


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