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CARES Act: Employee Retention Credit FAQ

The Federal Government is asking businesses to take advantage of all funding and relief options available. alliantgroup specializes in delivering the most powerful federal incentives to business owners and we’ve delivered $10 billion in incentives.

Now, with the passage of several Covid Stimulus Bills, there are even more funding options available and we want to help you combine and maximize everything your business is entitled to. Below you can read about some of the larger solutions that we provide.

Fill out a contact form and we’ll reach out to you to discuss what options make the most sense for your business or use the calculator below to receive an estimate of how much money we can find for your company.

Employee Retention Credit

The Employee Retention Credit may be the single largest source of relief funds that businesses can take advantage of. The most recent stimulus package significantly amplified how valuable the credit is and now more businesses than ever can claim it. The credit can completely eliminate your payroll tax and generate a cash refund.

Our experts have dissected the latest stimulus bill and we are not only confident that we have the most comprehensive understanding of the credit and that many business owners are not taking advantage of it due to poor information. If your business was changed or impacted by Covid and you kept employees on payroll you may qualify.

Let us evaluate your company to see how much you qualify for. If we can’t find value for you, there will be no cost for your assessment.


Work Opportunity Tax Credit

This WOTC program was developed to motivate employers to hire individuals from vulnerable demographic groups in efforts to break down the barriers they usually face to secure employment. Groups consist of veterans, summer youth employees, food stamp recipients, ex-felons and others. As part of the updated stimulus bill, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit was extended through 2025 alongside the PATH Act.

Eligible employers can earn up to one billion dollars under this credit. This credit allows employers to extend work opportunities to more U.S. citizens and invest in their growth to deliver long-term value to the business and its workforce. This program further promotes diversity in the workplace and provides beneficiaries the means to become independent, productive taxpayers.

Section 41

Section 41 is one of the biggest credit programs available to 50+ industries. Businesses in industries from agriculture to software and tech and everything in between, can claim thousands to millions of dollars in funds that can go straight back into the business or the pockets of the owners.

To qualify, businesses need to be employing technical employees that are:

  • Developing or designing new products or processes
  • Enhancing existing products or processes
  • Developing or improves upon existing prototypes and software
  • Creating custom products for clients


Estimate Your Credits and Reduce Payroll Tax Before the Deadline to Claim

We have created a quiz to help you get a head start on estimating your credit.
Take our short quiz to get an idea of what this benefit can look like for your business today!