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alliantgroup and CEO Dhaval Jadav Announce their Spring 2020 STEM Scholarship Program Winners

alliantgroup is thrilled to announce some happy news today – the winners of our Spring 2020 STEM Scholarship Awards!

The United States has been suffering from an untenable skills gap. There is a large gap between the number of unfilled STEM jobs available and the number of STEM graduates every year in our country and that is a threat to America’s continued leadership in innovation. alliantgroup is committed to helping close that skills gap through scholarships and programs that encourage STEM education.

“It is the number one problem I hear from businesses; that there’s just not enough students graduating with STEM degrees to fill job openings. That’s why I get so passionate when it comes to helping kids accomplish their dreams in STEM. We need to encourage these bright young minds because we want the next world changing innovation to come from the United States.” alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav said.

alliantgroup’s STEM Scholarship award has been our most successful effort in helping more kids achieve their dreams. Every year alliantgroup receives hundreds of applications from high school seniors around the country who are passionate about pursuing degrees and careers in STEM fields. We had a large number of highly qualified candidates to sift through this round and the judging committee had a hard time selecting our final seven winners.

Ultimately, we chose the candidates that we believed best embodied our STEM mission after reviewing their grades, achievements and essays detailing their aspirations for a career in STEM.

Here are your Spring 2020 STEM Scholarship Winners!

Partner Winners

  • George Conwell, Saint Helena, CA – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Engineering
  • Tad Greer, Nashville, TN – Baylor University, Environmental Science
  • William Guisbond, Jamesville, NY – University of Vermont, Mechanical Engineering
  • Noble Nwankwo , Mason, OH – Ohio State University, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kendal Schreder, Temperance, MI – Purdue University, Biomedical Engineering

Houston Winners

  • Felipe Dantas, Houston, TX – University of Texas, Biology
  • Tatum La, Sugar Land, TX – Stanford University, Biology

“I’m just so proud of all these bright young minds. I know these kids can change the world and if we can help them do that, I’m a happy man,” said Jadav.

Each Partner Winner was awarded a $10,000 check towards their college education and our Houston Winners were awarded $5,000 checks for their continuing STEM studies.

Born from the alliantgroup’s mission of education and awareness, the firm’s Blue Heart Fund is a non-profit charity focused on giving back to the community and fostering STEM education across the nation. Along with fundraising for various philanthropic endeavors and promoting STEM education in K-12 schools, the Blue Heart Fund offers generous STEM-based scholarships to students pursuing a career in the field. The Blue Heart Fund is a non-profit organization sponsored by alliantgroup. For more information about alliantgroup and/or The Blue Heart Fund, please follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.