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Recap with alliant: Jan 2022

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Only us tax geeks get excited that tax season is officially marked open as the Internal Revenue Service starts accepting tax returns! And while this time of year comes with its own set of challenges, the big story for 2022 is that the IRS will face more problems processing refunds. Nevertheless, we suggest all tax specialists and individuals be well prepared to push through the next few weeks – and we at alliantgroup are here to help.

This month, several alliantgroup experts talked to the press on issues important to our clients. Read on to find out what the big stories are:

1. Mark Everson Discusses Upcoming Tax Season Challenges Due to IRS Backlog and Lack of Resources in the Wake of the Pandemic

alliantgroup’s Vice Chairman Mark Everson has been all over the news (NPR and other outlets) talking about the big story of the impending tax season, and the challenges faced when filing due to the IRS’ continued lack of funding and resources. alliantgroup can ensure, as always, that you are successful in your filing and claiming all the incentives that you should.

2. Dean Zerbe Spoke About the Importance of Investing in Service Over Enforcement and the Status of “Build Back Better”

Dean Zerbe was interviewed by Accounting Today on the challenges the IRS will face this tax season and beyond. Zerbe was the Senior Counsel and Tax Counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance and is now alliantgroup’s National Managing Director based in DC.

3. Rizwan Virani Warns us to be Aware of Cyber Trends in 2022

As all businesses set priorities for 2022, Rizwan Virani, CEO of Alliant Cybersecurity, shared the importance of cyber hygiene training with S.C. Magazine and Help Net. These practices are crucial as many businesses continue to manage vulnerabilities with employees working from home and as new automated technologies are adopted in many industries like manufacturing.

4. alliantgroup Think Tank Focused on Challenges and Opportunities SMBs are Facing as we look Forward from Covid-19

alliantgroup’s two-day summit, Think Tank returned in 2022! Hosted by the company and its strategic advisory board of former congressional members, state officials, and U.S. business and industry association leaders, the conversation engaged more than 100 clients and partners on the most current challenges and opportunities facing U.S. businesses.

The tax credit and incentive environment will continue to reflect the volatility of our nation’s economic recovery. To best take advantage of qualifying resources in 2022, tax preparers must be fluid and well-informed on the incentives created and altered quickly as the year progresses.

If you have doubts regarding the upcoming tax season, alliantgroup can help! We are the experts at helping our clients and the CPA firms that serve them to understand and claim all eligible credits and incentives before it’s too late. Get a free assessment within minutes.



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