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Looming Leadership Void At I.R.S. Raises Concerns Over $80 Billion Overhaul


by Mark W. Everson Former IRS Commissioner; alliantgroup Vice Chairman

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Washington, DC – Former IRS Commissioners Fred Goldberg, Charles Rossotti, Mark Everson, and John Koskinen and former National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson today called for the prompt appointment of the next IRS Commissioner, one who is an experienced manager who can lead a technology-driven transformation of the IRS.

They issued the following joint statement:
For the first time Congress has provided long-term funding to rebuild the IRS after years of decline.

To ensure success, the Biden administration needs to promptly nominate and the Congress needs to swiftly consider and confirm a qualified Commissioner.

The term of the current IRS Commissioner ends on November 12, 2022. Only a confirmed Commissioner with demonstrated relevant management experience can make the critical decisions needed to move the agency forward. And only a confirmed Commissioner can build external and internal support for such a big and complex transformation of an agency. The new Commissioner will have to work to win the confidence of both parties in Congress by demonstrating clear progress in making the IRS work better on behalf of all taxpayers.

A prompt appointment of the next Commissioner is essential. Until that position is filled, essential improvements to the IRS are at serious risk of delay, if not failure.

We believe the following are the key qualifications needed by the next IRS commissioner:
1. Experience leading productive change in a large organization
2. Experience communicating with public constituencies, including government officials
3. Experience overseeing the implementation of technology to improve service and productivity

See this article about the qualifications needed in a new IRS commissioner. 

About the Author

Mark W. Everson

The Honorable Mark W. Everson was the nation’s 46th Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service serving from 2003 until 2007. Prior to joining the IRS, Everson held Bush administration posts as Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget and Controller of the Office of Federal Financial Management. Everson also served in the Reagan administration, holding several positions at the United States Information Agency and the Department of Justice, where his assignments included Deputy Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. At the state level, Everson oversaw the Indiana Workforce and Unemployment Insurance Systems under Governor Mitch Daniels.

In the private sector, Everson served as Group Vice President of Finance at SC International Services, Inc. (SkyChefs), a $2 billion food services company, and as Senior Vice President with the Pechiney Group, then one of France’s largest industrial groups and the largest packaging company in the world.

As Vice Chairman of alliantgroup, Mark helps guide strategic and operational planning for the firm. Mark’s extensive private sector and government background afford him insights on tax incentives and regulatory matters which he shares with businesses across the country on behalf of alliantgroup. Mark is consulted regularly by the media concerning issues of tax administration and tax policy and how they impact businesses.