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We'll be at AICPA

AICPA has invited alliantTALENT CEO Jim Brady back to speak on the talent shortage. We’ll not only analyze the problem but also present the solution.

Employee retention credit
Are You Entitled to $26,000 per employee?

Are you being promised money that’s too good to be true by an untrusted provider? alliantgroup’s team includes former IRS Commissioners, and we’ll tell you exactly what you are entitled to claim.

The Nation's Premier
Consulting & Management Engineering Firm

alliantgroup’s core mission is to help American businesses overcome the challenges of today to prepare them for the world of the 22nd Century and beyond. Unlike other consultancies, we work hand-in-hand with our clients and CPA partners to implement quantifiable solutions to their most critical concerns. This includes tax consultancy, team extension resources, cybersecurity, and management engineering.

Grow your FIrm
CPA Services

alliantgroup is excited to be working with over 4,000 CPA firms nationwide. We are fully dedicated in helping them achieve their goals through our implementation of growth strategies, and helping them and their clients through tax advisory services. Let us show you how we can propel your firm to success!

Having trouble finding accountants?
How We Help Clients
Credits & Incentives

alliantgroup has been helping American businesses overcome the challenges of today to prepare them for the future. Our most sought after service has been helping companies identify and leverage the largest federal and state incentives available including ERC, R&D, and 179D. Let our industry experts and four former IRS commissioners help you claim what you deserve.

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Experts In every industry

Our team consists of former IRS commissioners, former policymakers, tax experts, attorneys, and top industry minds who bring their unique experiences and expertise to help our clients.

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We’re here to address your biggest concerns. Let’s partner today!