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STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Spirit Martin

Spirit knew that she wanted to pursue a career STEM after she visited an orphanage in Grand Goave, Haiti. Seeing how grateful the people were after they received their medication, made her realize that she needed to do something to help improve the quality of life of others in need.

alliantgroup CEO and Space Center Houston Board of Directors member, Dhaval Jadav, Applauds All-Civilian Spaceflight

alliantgroup, a management consulting company, has a strong history of strengthening American businesses through reinvestment in innovation and job growth. alliantgroup’s CEO, Dhaval Jadav, has always had a passion for STEM education, American innovation and space exploration. Innovation and STEM are driving factors in alliantgroup’s mission. And, space exploration is also part of the mix, even more so with Jadav’s appointment to the Space Center Houston board last year.

alliantgroup Honors the 2020 and 2021 HISD Elementary Science Teacher Award Winners

alliantgroup Hosts STEM Summit

Hosted by alliantgroup CEO, Dhaval Jadav, the summit started with a presentation of the Elementary Science Teach Award ceremony, where both the 2020 Winner, Kirk Coppes of Ashford Elementary and 2021 Winner Whitnee Boston of Gregory Lincoln Education Center, were honored.