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R&D Tax Credit — Smart Reform Ideas From Congress

by Dean Zerbe, National Managing Director at alliantgroup and Former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee June 12, 2017 | published in Forbes While Congress continues to sharpen pencils on tax reform, key lawmakers are putting forward good ideas for improving the most important tax incentive for improving productivity and creating jobs – the


The future is a foreign country, they will do things differently there (apologies to Hartley). The assumptions of the path forward for our country were shattered with the election results – and certainly no more so than in the area of tax policy. Instead of a long grind primarily focused about taxes and the wealthy, the nation will now focus on potentially sweeping tax reform and a lowering of tax burdens.

Dean Zerbe Quoted in Tax Notes on IUS Final Regs for R&D Tax Credit

Final Regulations for Internal-Use Software Light on Changes, Remain Taxpayer-Friendly Last year’s proposed regulations were significant to taxpayers in that they both clarified and narrowed the definition of IUS, which has a higher standard to qualify for the R&D Tax Credit than does traditional software development. By narrowing the definition of IUS to software that

Ways and Means Tax Proposal

Given the driving leadership of Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX), as well as Speaker Ryan, this House tax reform proposal deserves close scrutiny for those looking for early tea leaves of what reform may look like—especially if Mr. Trump wins the White House.