504, 2021

New Tax Incentives for Commercial and Industrial Automation Integrators

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By Tracy Lustyan, Managing Director
March 29, 2021
Published in Automation.com

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, but the question is, will the United States be as influential as we have been in recent decades? Many would argue the opposite as we exit the top-10 index of global innovation.

Samsung was the world’s largest R&D investor last year, positioning South Korea just behind the U.S. as the second largest hub for semiconductor production. So, with countries such as China becoming increasingly competitive, what can we do to regain our authority in the world as our economy struggles to compete in a global marketplace?

There has been an overwhelming need for automation technology in both commercial and industrial settings as Industry 4.0 continues to make its impact on a variety of industries. The beauty of automation is the […]

2703, 2020

How Industry 4.0 is Transforming the Modern Workplace with the R&D Tax Credit

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Forbesby Tracy Lustyan and Dean Zerbe
March 17, 2020
Published in The Tube & Pipe Journal

1712, 2019

Taxes and Congress — Santa Brings The Big Sled

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December 17, 2019
by Dean Zerbe for alliantgroup
Published in Forbes

So nothing, nothing, nothing – and then bang! Like the parent who waits to the last minute to get to the toy store – Congress suddenly decided to move on taxes in a big way – repealing some unpopular taxes as well as extending a number of popular tax provisions – including Section 179D Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings (big news for designers of government buildings) and Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

First in Santa’s bag were the permanent (!) elimination of three tax provisions from the Affordable Care Act – the excise tax on medical devices; the tax on high-end health insurance (“Cadillac Tax”); and finally, the Health Insurance Tax – excise on tax on health insurance providers.

Next, Congress […]

512, 2019

How Innovation in Security Integration Can Be Recognized and Incentivized

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December 5, 2019
by Tracy Lustyan, alliantgroup Managing Director
Published in Security Today

Many security solutions providers are redesigning and upgrading systems every day. It’s time for them to be rewarded with the R&D Tax Credit.

When it comes to creating safe environments, any compromise is unacceptable. The fastidious job of designing, programming and installing security systems is not one to be taken lightly, as one security solutions provider working with alliantgroup knows all too well.

The company was recently tasked to wholly redesign six new security systems for a local elementary school. And while the sensitivities surrounding the need for better security measures in schools may be obvious, the sophisticated upgrade required the company to go through an iterative design and testing process to make sure every security system worked together in […]

2910, 2019

How the R&D Tax Credit Rewards Job Shops and Contract Manufacturers

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October 29, 2019
by Tracy Lustyan, alliantgroup Managing Director
Published in The Fabricator

Contract manufacturers and job shops have become among the most viable options for U.S. OEMs to remain agile and beat foreign competition. These shops are not only helping to create jobs in the U.S., but they are helping other American businesses save on costs and improve their bottom lines so they can grow year after year.

While contract manufacturers remain a source of savings and agility for U.S. businesses, they too are looking to improve their processes. When the U.S. government saw the need for the types of innovations that would push forward businesses like contract manufacturers, it developed a tax credit as an incentive for creating new products and processes or improving existing ones.

Seeing the Need […]

1401, 2019

Data Breach Fatigue – Fact or Fiction, Does it Matter?

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January 4, 2019
by Mike Davis, alliantgroup Chief Information Security Officer &
by Rick Lazio, alliantgroup Senior Vice President
Published in SIIA

No, it’s not a fait accompli; where one gives up due to the inevitability, but quite the contrary.

Are we tired of hearing about data breaches (DB) yet? Sure, this is a natural reaction as the number of DB disclosures continue to increase. Security professionals are keenly aware of the DB risks, yet there are conflicting theories about the effect of frequent DBs on consumers and their behaviors. We’ll explore a few views on what DB fatigue (DBF) is, how to move past it and the protections needed either way.

So, how much DB news is too much? When do people tune out the news and warnings of data breaches? During 2018 there were successful hacks against every sector. The ITRC is a great resource to find […]

2410, 2018

Maximize What You’re Claiming: Incentives for the Design & Build Industry

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CPAs, CFOs, CEOs, Presidents and financial decision makers.


Tuesday, November 13th 2018 from 12:00-12:30pm CT

Are you conducting “routine engineering work”? If so, this presentation is for you.

alliantgroup will be hosting an insightful presentation focused on how architecture, engineering and construction firms are qualifying for generous tax savings thanks to the work they are doing on a daily basis.

This brief presentation will highlight key tax incentives that companies operating within the architecture, engineering and/or construction industry can claim based on their projects and talent they employ in the country. Does your company employ any of the following?

  • Architects
  • Engineers
1910, 2018

Cyber Risk, What Really Matters?

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October 19, 2018
by Mike Davis, alliantgroup Chief Information Security Officer
Published in SIIA

It depends.

Any cyber risk posture really does depend on your environment and business. The way to minimize the fog of cyber security complexity is to quantify it for your company, ideally based on risk value. We all know that cyber risk is in the “eyes of the beholder” (CISO versus C-Suite versus Board) and finding a common vernacular therein – like risk.

Short answer; use a Risk Based Security Strategy (RBSS). One that focuses on cyber hygiene, access management, encryption and monitoring (along with an effective third party/vendor risk management effort). Risk is a combination of threat, vulnerability, likelihood and impact/consequences along with asset values. Next, we provide the rationale and ‘cyber story’ that goes with that RBSS assertion.

Cyber security is a wide capability area with complex technical and business interactions, […]

1210, 2018

Executive Insights: Dhaval Jadav And Sonny Grover On The R&D Tax Credit

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October 12, 2018
by Sonny Grover, alliantgroup Executive Vice President
Published in Forbes

Two members of alliantgroup’s executive management team cover the intent of the credit, its value to C-level executives and its importance in ensuring future economic progress

After years of firsthand experience serving clients and building CPA and industry partnerships across the country, I can state, without a doubt, that the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit is the single most important incentive for U.S. businesses. This has been true since the credit’s inception—and considering its evolution over the last three decades and the ever-expanding influence of technology, the R&D Tax Credit has become crucial in ensuring a thriving and competitive economy.

Ever since my colleagues Dhaval Jadav and Shane Frank founded alliantgroup back in 2002 (and after I joined the firm in […]

310, 2018

Tax Savings for Integrators and Value-Added Resellers (NetOne)

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CPAs, CFOs, CEOs, Presidents and financial decision makers.


Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 from 12:00-12:15pm CT

alliantgroup will be presenting important information to value-added resellers and security integrators about how their every day business activities could qualify for generous tax savings.

This brief presentation will highlight key tax incentives that both value-added resellers and security integrators can claim based on their daily business activities. Does your company do any of the following?

  • Provide product and security system solutions
  • Hardware and/or software integration
  • Programming and configuring security systems
  • Performing system level tests and evaluations
  • Integrating infrastructure […]
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