2103, 2018

Former DHS chief Ridge promotes R&D tax credit for cyber developers

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March 21, 2018
by Charlie Mitchell
Inside Cybersecurity

Tom Ridge, the first Homeland Security secretary and former governor of Pennsylvania, has signed on as the new Chairman of Cybersecurity and Technology at alliantgroup, where he will focus on encouraging smaller entities to use the federal research and development tax credit to develop cybersecurity products.

“I appreciate the opportunity to be on the alliantgroup board. In my experience as governor and at DHS, I always liked incentivizing good behavior,” Ridge said. “Alliantgroup has identified a niche around the permanent R&D tax credit that seems to fit well with the cybersecurity sector.”

The former DHS secretary also discussed deterrence, software liability and other issues in a wide-ranging interview Tuesday with Inside Cybersecurity.

Ridge is the founder and chairman of Ridge Global, which offers an array of cybersecurity consulting services including […]

2602, 2018

Republicans Just Bought the IRS

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February 26, 2018
by Mark W. Everson, former IRS Commissioner and alliantgroup Vice Chairman
The Hill

After nine years of a contentious relationship with the Internal Revenue Service, Republicans find themselves in the uncomfortable position of needing the IRS to deliver on tax reform. The stakes are high. In 2016 there were 30 percent more individual income tax returns processed by the IRS than votes cast in the presidential election. And execution matters. Just think of the ObamaCare exchanges, when a botched rollout of the website – involving only a small fraction of the people who interact with the IRS – did lasting damage to a signature legislative achievement supported by a single political party. Here’s what should be done:

Give the IRS the money it needs to […]

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