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If last year’s global pandemic taught us anything, we now know that Digital Transformation is the future. alliantgroup’s tech-industry expert Alex Kirillov is hosting a Zoom discussion on May 12 about the incentives Congress has made available to the tech industry in 2021 to incentivize forward-thinking innovation.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about how alliantgroup is helping the Digital Transformation industry.

Why choose alliantgroup?

  • With over 1,000 technical experts across 50 industries, including attorneys, PhD’s, accountants, architects, engineers, software developers, and scientists we can truly partner with your team
  • We are guided by experts involved in creating and enforcing the U.S. tax code such as former IRS commissioners and lawmakers on our Strategic Advisory Board
  • Our experts ensure your tax credits are 100% IRS compliant, but in the event of an audit Alliantgroup will defend your R&D study at no cost