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Technology Consulting

We provide digital technology consulting services to help transform your organization. Our experts leverage the latest technologies and our expertise to optimize processes, enhance customer engagement, and improve profitability. From software development to cybersecurity and digital transformation, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

Technology Solutions

Virtual CIO

alliantgroup can be your fractional CIO and technology advisor. We offer strategic IT planning, project management, cybersecurity assessment, and cloud-based services. With our expertise, we can help you stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the latest technology advancements. Let us assist you in mapping out a clear strategy to maximize your tech investments.

IT Strategy Development

We help define an IT strategy that aligns with business goals, identifies initiatives, assesses risks, and recommends solutions to improve operations.

Technology Roadmap Planning

We develop a technology roadmap to achieve your organization's strategic goals by identifying new technologies that reduce costs and enhance operational efficiencies.

IT Governance and Compliance

We help organizations establish and maintain IT governance and compliance frameworks that ensure data is secure and confidential. This includes implementing policies and procedures, conducting assessments, and meeting regulatory requirements.

Vendor Management

We manage relationships with tech vendors and service providers, assessing performance, negotiating contracts, and overseeing the cohesiveness of implemented systems.

IT Operations Management

We provide guidance and oversight for IT operations, including help desk support, network administration, and infrastructure management to ensure smooth functioning and quick resolution of any issues.

Executive IT Reporting

We provide executive-level reporting on IT operations, including metrics on uptime, security incidents, and technology investments. This helps senior executives make informed decisions about IT investments and priorities.

Enterprise Architecture Design

alliantgroup can help organizations develop and implement a holistic and integrated view of their technology architecture, business processes, and organizational structure. This involves aligning technology solutions with business objectives, improve operational efficiency, and support business transformation initiatives.

Cloud Solutions

It’s clear that cloud migration offers advantages, but security is often overlooked. We understand your risk & compliance requirements & implications to apps & identities – we have the expertise to help minimize risks.

Cloud Strategy

We help organizations develop a cloud strategy that aligns with their business goals. This includes conducting a cloud readiness assessment, identifying use cases, and recommending solutions to improve processes and operations.

Architecture and Design

We design cloud architectures that are optimized for performance, scalability, and cost efficiency. This includes leveraging technologies like serverless computing, containers, and microservices.

Cost Optimization

We help organizations optimize their cloud costs by identifying cost-savings opportunities such as rightsizing instances, implementing automated cost controls, and leveraging reserved instances or savings plans.

Migration Planning and Execution

We help organizations plan and execute cloud migration. This includes creating a strategy, selecting a platform, and migrating data and applications to the cloud.

Security and Compliance

We help organizations secure their cloud environments and ensure compliance with regulations and standards. This includes implementing security controls like identity and access management, encryption, and monitoring, as well as ensuring compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2.

Operations and Management

We provide ongoing support and management for cloud environments, ensuring they stay up-to-date, secure, and operational. This includes supporting cloud infrastructure & apps, monitoring performance, and troubleshooting any issues.

Cloud Security Solutions

It’s clear that cloud migration offers advantages, but security is often overlooked. We understand your risk & compliance requirements & implications to apps & identities – we have the expertise to help minimize risks.

We conduct comprehensive security assessments of cloud environments to identify vulnerabilities, risks, and threats. This includes reviewing security policies, evaluating security controls, and running vulnerability scans & penetration testing.

We help organizations design & implement secure cloud architectures tailored to their needs. This involves building security controls like access control, encryption, and monitoring, and ensuring compliance with industry standards & regulations.

We provide ongoing support & management for cloud security operations, making sure security controls are properly configured & maintained. This includes incident response, vulnerability management, and security monitoring.

We help organizations meet industry regulations & standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2. This involves conducting compliance assessments, creating compliance policies & procedures, and implementing security controls to meet compliance requirements.

We help organizations create & maintain a framework of policies, technologies, and processes for managing & controlling access to systems, apps and data. IAM ensures only authorized users can access their resources, preventing unauthorized access & protecting sensitive data.

We provide training & awareness programs to help organizations improve their security posture. This involves conducting security awareness training, creating policies & procedures, & implementing security awareness campaigns.