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Businesses can claim up to $26,000 per employee

To date, we have helped businesses claim over $3.6 billion in ERC credits.

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Claim up to seven figures with the Employee Retention Tax Credit!

“alliantgroup maximized my ERC credits helping me hire ten more employees! We faced supply chain issues and capacity restrictions and were rewarded immensely through this incentive.”

Construction Company

Why alliantgroup?

We are the leading experts in tax credits and incentives. Since 2002, we have helped US businesses grow their operations and stay ahead of the competition. To date, we have delivered over $16B in refunds to over 27,000 businesses.

800+ Industry Experts

Our professionals know your business inside and out and know what qualifies to ensure the most lucrative refund. No other firm offers professionals versed in your industry.

Four Former IRS and Division Commissioners

Our former commissioners are the preeminent experts on IRS policy and ensure our practices and procedures align with the service’s expectations. No other firm offers this level of oversight.

Former Legislators

Our former policymakers understand the intent of tax law and why they apply to your business. As part of our team, they advocate for our clients and help them take advantage of federal funds. No other firm understands tax law to this extent.