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Have You Faced
Any Impacts?

Almost every business in LOUISIANA was affected by COVID mandates that forced them to alter business operations. Due to these mandates, many of them qualified to claim significant cash refunds.
Your business might qualify for ERC credits if you’ve faced the following impacts:

  • Full or partial government-mandated shutdowns;
  • Supply chain issues;
  • Decrease in working hours to sanitize facilities;
  • Capacity limitations;
  • Shift in hours of operation; and
  • Decrease in revenue.


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Making the best of Employee Retention Credit

The pandemic has profoundly disrupted the day-to-day commercial activity and distribution of goods and services across the entire country. These disruptions make many businesses eligible to benefit from the revamped Employee Retention Credit (ERC) in 2021. Moreover, the Consolidated Appropriations Act allows businesses to claim the ERC alongside PPP.

Real Client Examples

The following are examples from a range of industries:

Manufacturing Firm

Annual Revenue: $17.4 Million
No of Employees: 46

Credits Earned:


Annual Revenue: $74 Million
No. of Employees: 317

Credits Earned:

Fitness Facility

Annual Revenue: $1.3 Million
No. of Employees: 58

Credits Earned:

Understanding the different government mandates for Louisiana

33 JBE 2020: Additional Measures for Covid-19; Stay At Home

  • All state office buildings were closed to the public, but essential state functions continued; and
  • All individuals were directed to stay home unless performing an essential activity.

58 JBE 2020: Proclamation 58, 74, and 117 Capacity Limitation and Business Limitation Orders

  • Restaurants, gyms, entertainment zones, and movie theatres were instructed to cease all operations;
  • Many businesses were forced to close, particularly those with indoor areas open to the public; and
  • Critical infrastructure employees shall maintain strict social distancing between themselves and the members of the public.

Top Ten Mistakes of Business Owners on Employee Retention Credit

What is included in the whitepaper:

  • How to Qualify
  • The New and Improved Covid Relief BIll
  • Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021
  • Value of the Employee Retention Credit
  • How to get $1000 per Employee

Claim up to $26,000 per employee with the ERC tax credit!

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