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What Congress Might Do On Taxpayer Rights And Tax Administration In The Next 120 Days

Forbes by Dean Zerbe for alliantgroup
September 4, 2018
Published in Forbes

Tackling the profit challenge through tax credits

Forbes by Robert Pratzel for alliantgroup
August 31, 2018
Published in AIA

Executive Spotlight: alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav

Forbes by Kim Tardy, alliantgroup Director of Talent
August 17, 2018
Published in Forbes

Embracing The Future: The STEM Revolution

Forbes by Dhaval Jadav, alliantgroup Chief Executive Officer
August 14, 2018
Published in Forbes

Our World In 2028: A Decade Of Innovation

Forbes by Dhaval Jadav, alliantgroup Chief Executive Officer
June 24, 2018
Published in Forbes

IndustryWeek: How a Little-Known Tax Credit Can Pay Off Big in Automation Costs

Industry Week by Greg Knarr, alliantgroup Director
July 19, 2018
Published in IndustryWeek

Forbes: 3 Common Mistakes Businesses Make

Forbes by Kathy Petronchak, alliantgroup Director of IRS Practive & Procedure
June 24, 2018
Published in Forbes

Farm Bureau: Tools to Help U.S. Agriculture Stay Competitive

Farm Bureau By Mike Johanns, former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Governor and U.S. Senator for Nebraska; alliantgroup Chairman of Agriculture
June 6, 2018
Published in Farm Bureau

AIA: What Architects Need to Know About the 179d Tax Deduction

AIA By Andy Gerstenhaber, alliantgroup Director of Energy Credits and Incentives
May 11, 2018
Published in The American Institute of Architects
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Manufacturing Business Technology: Tax Reform And U.S. Manufacturing

Manufacturing Business Technology By Dhaval Jadav, alliantgroup Chief Executive Officer and
Rick Lazio, Former U.S. Congressmen and alliantgroup Senior Vice President
April 6, 2018
Published in Manufacturing Business Technology

Rick Lazio Testifies Before the House Ways and Means Committee on 179D

Rick Lazio On March 14th, alliantgroup Senior Vice President and former U.S. Congressman Rick Lazio testified before the House Ways and Means’ Tax Policy Subcommittee on an incentive that is near and dear to many of our clients – the Section 179D tax deduction for energy efficient buildings. Continue reading…