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EC&M: Using the Federal 179D Tax Deduction to Cut Your Tax Liability

Electrical Construction and Maintenance by Jim Lucy, Chief Editor, Electrical Wholesaling magazine | Electrical Construction and Maintenance
October 10, 2016
Published in Electrical Construction and Maintenance
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Dean Zerbe Quoted in Tax Notes on IUS Final Regs for R&D Tax Credit

Kathy Dean Zerbe, alliantgroup’s National Managing Director and the former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, was quoted in Tax Notes regarding the release of internal-use software final regulations for the R&D Tax Credit on October 3.
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch: How Missouri Businesses Can Stay Competitive

St. Louis Post-Dispatch by Kit Bond, former Missouri Governor & U.S. Senator; alliantgroup Senior Advisor
September 22, 2016
Published in St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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Forbes: Hearing Spotlights Problems With IRS Audits of Small Businesses

Forbes By Dean Zerbe, former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and alliantgroup National Managing Director
September 21, 2016
Published in Forbes
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alliantgroup’s Kathy Petronchak testifies before Congress on behalf of small businesses

Kathy On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, Kathy Petronchak, alliantgroup’s Director of IRS Practice and Procedure and the former IRS Commissioner of the Small Business/Self-Employed (SB/SE) Division, addressed the House Committee on Small Business regarding the IRS and its compliance burdens for small businesses.
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alliantgroup’s Steven Miller Featured on the Cover of CPA Magazine

Industry Week alliantgroup is proud to announce that our very own Steven Miller, former IRS Acting Commissioner and alliantgroup’s National Director of Tax, has been featured on the cover of the latest edition of CPA Magazine for his and Dean Zerbe’s cover story “The R&D Tax Credit: Permanent, Expanded and Open to Startups and Small Business.”
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TheHill: Senators ask IRS to issue guidance to help startups

TheHill by Naomi Jagoda | July 20, 2016
Dean Zerbe, alliantgroup’s National Managing Director, was recently quoted in The Hill in response to three senators’ request that the IRS release new guidance to help startups and small businesses take advantage of the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit. Read more…

IndustryWeek: Four Reasons Contract Manufacturers Should Be Claiming The R&D Tax Credit

Industry Week by Michael Siegel, alliantgroup Managing Director
July 12, 2016
Published in IndustryWeek
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Area Development: The R&D Tax Credit – A Game-Changer for Manufacturers

Area Development by Dean Zerbe, former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and alliantgroup National Managing Director
June 3, 2016
Published in Area Development
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KYCPA Journal: Rebounding With The R&D Tax Credit

KYCPA Journal by Greg Knarr, alliantgroup Director
May 11, 2016
Published in The KYCPA Journal
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Construction Accounting and Taxation: Economy, Sustainability and Health: The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Design

Construction Accounting and Taxation by Sam Mortazavi, alliantgroup Associate. Interview with Nick Worley, alliantgroup Director
April 11, 2016
Published in Construction Accounting and Taxation
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Young Upstarts: Why 2016 Will be a Turning Point for Startups and Other Software and Tech Firms

Young Upstarts by Margorie McLenan, alliantgroup Senior Associate Director
April 4, 2016
Published in Young Upstarts
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Manufacturing Matters: The PATH Forward: How Congress Opened Up New Avenues of Growth for New York Manufacturers

Manufacturing Matters by Rick Lazio, former U.S. Congressman and alliantgroup Director, and Sonny Grover, alliantgroup Executive Vice President
April 4, 2016
Published in Manufacturing Matters
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San Francisco Business Times: Don’t Overlook These California Small Business Tax Breaks

San Francisco Business Times By Riley McDermid with the San Francisco Business Times Interview with Dean Zerbe
March 30, 2016
Published in San Francisco Business Times
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