2109, 2017

Tax Incentives for Industrial Distributors, Value-Added Resellers and High Technology Manufacturers

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September 19, 2017
by Michael Siegel, alliantgroup Managing Director

Now more than ever, businesses rely on automation to run their industrial facilities and supply chains. It is a trend that is decades in the making and will only intensify as the Internet of Things and automated technologies play a bigger role in our factories.

However, the benefits of these technologies extend to more than just higher production rates. The steps taken to implement these advancements can have an immediate financial impact for industrial distributors, manufacturers and value-added resellers—and it is all thanks to one lucrative tax incentive.

The R&D Tax Credit: The Rewards for Enhancing Automated Efficiency

The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit is one of the most valuable provisions of the tax code, and due to changing laws and regulations, the credit has evolved […]

1809, 2017

Kathy Petronchak Addresses the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee on Potential IRS Reforms

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Kathy Petronchak, alliantgroup’s Director of IRS Practice and Procedure and the former IRS Commissioner of the Small Business/Self-Employed Division (SB/SE), testified before the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee on an issue that I know many of you are passionate about – reform of the IRS and its compliance burdens placed on small businesses.

During the hearing, Kathy eloquently laid out the frustrations that many of you have voiced over the years when dealing with the Service. Specifically, Kathy highlighted these six issues:

1) The decreased use of alternative dispute resolution processes

2) Emerging issues in an independent Appeals process

3) The lack of transparency […]

1309, 2017

Industry Secrets: Tax Breaks for IT Companies

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The CEOs, CFOs, presidents or partners of technology, communications, software, cybersecurity, military, defense and aerospace companies that have done work in either the public or private sector.



Wednesday, September 27th from 12:00 – 12:30 PM CT



From personal banking transactions to encrypted data, IT services and solutions have become a component of almost every industry. We are hosting an exclusive webinar for IT solution providers, IT resellers and other technology firms on the valuable government tax incentives that exist for this industry. alliantgroup Executive Vice President Sonny Grover and Managing Director Wilbur Suggs will discuss how businesses like yours can best take advantage of these incentive programs.

Powerful tax […]

1209, 2017

The R&D Tax Credit: A Valuable Opportunity for the IT Sector

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September, 2017
by Tracy Lustyan, alliantgroup Managing Director
Varnex Insider Issue 71

Technology is advancing rapidly, and nowhere is this more evident than in the IT sector. From the Internet of Things to an increased reliance on automation and cloud-based solutions, technology is changing the way we do business.

This is obviously great news for the IT sector—and not just because their services will be in heavy demand for the foreseeable future. Due to the advancement of technology, there is a growing demand for the services of IT resellers, IT solution providers and other consultants within this industry, which has made many of these companies eligible for a valuable opportunity—and it is all thanks to one lucrative tax credit.

The R&D Tax Credit: Keeping Innovation and Jobs in the U.S.

The Research and Development (R&D) Tax […]

709, 2017

Internet of Things: Automation and the Tax Breaks That Come with It

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August 24, 2017
by Tracy Lustyan, alliantgroup Managing Director
Fabricating & Metalworking

The R&D Tax Credit is one of the most valuable tax breaks for U.S. manufacturers. It rewards work done to increase the efficiency of an automated factory system or ensure that multiple systems within a facility work as one. Let’s take a closer look into this credit’s true intent and see if it applies to your automation and system integration activities.

Despite the reports of doom and gloom over the years, U.S. manufacturing is in the midst of a major revival. But don’t take my word for it – just take a look at the latest numbers: It’s been estimated that more than half of U.S. manufacturing leaders are looking at a five percent or more increase in annual revenue over the next five […]

609, 2017

How To File a Flood Claim

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Houston area business owners and CPAs


Friday, September 15th, 2017 starting at 4:00 PM CT


alliantgroup Headquarters
3009 Post Oak Blvd., Houston, TX 77056

Was your business hit by Hurricane Harvey? Do you know the next steps to take? Join alliantgroup for a free seminar where we will discuss the best practices for filing flood insurance and FEMA claims.

Our expert Senior Associate Attorney Emily Marlowe will explain how to navigate an often complicated insurance process and how to handle documenting claims. This straightforward, informational session will include a Q&A session and discuss topics such as:

  • General flood claim requirements
  • Proof of Loss […]
509, 2017

Built to order

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September 5, 2017
by Dhaval Jadav, alliantgroup Chief Executive Officer

U.S. manufacturers hoping for comprehensive tax reform need to be patient. Despite the four broad principles laid out by President Donald Trump last week, the prolonged healthcare debate, looming deadline over government borrowing limits and the need for a new budget resolution suggest tax legislation may have to wait until next year.

Thanks to bipartisan proposals introduced in both the House of Representatives and Senate, however, some degree of tax relief may come sooner than anticipated. If the Invent and Manufacture in America Act becomes law, it would provide a tax cut for companies that make products domestically on the back of U.S.-based research and development.

While the R&D tax credit is largely under-utilized by American businesses, manufacturers have been more proactive. They accounted for nearly […]

2808, 2017

Time is Running Out d

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Are you about to make your quarterly payment to the IRS? Stop! Before you make any payments to the IRS, check to see if you may be eligible for newly expanded R&D Tax Credit.

Here are 3 important facts to keep in mind:

There is still time to capture R&D credits before they’re permanently lost for tax year 2013.
2408, 2017

Tax Credits for the Material Handling Industry

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CEOs, presidents, partners and CFOs of material handling and logistic companies that perform work in the United States


Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 from 12:00 – 12:30 PM CT

The material handling and logistics industry has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. The industry’s growth could be further accelerated by a powerful tax incentive opportunity known as the Research and Development Tax Credit. Recent regulatory and legislative changes have expanded the number of businesses that can claim this credit as well as the value of the credit itself.

If your business works within the material […]

2308, 2017

Avrahami: Reviewing the Situation

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August 23, 2017
by Steven Miller, former IRS Acting Commissioner and alliantgroup National Director of Tax, and
John Dies, alliantgroup Managing Director of Tax Controversy
Captive Insurance Times

On 21 August, the US Tax Court issued its long awaited decision on Avrahami v Commissioner. After waiting nearly two and a half years from when the case was tried, the captive insurance industry finally has a little more clarity on how the tax court views certain captive insurance arrangements. While many had hoped for a wide-ranging opinion that provided captives with a clear path forward, the decision fails to offer truly strong guidance on how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or courts will view more common captive insurance arrangements. The facts present in Avrahami have led the court to issue a very fact-intensive opinion, which means taxpayers […]

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