Why alliantgroup for R&D

Why alliantgroup for R&D?

Proprietary processes and methodologies that provide an effective and efficient tax credit study

The complex nature of the R&D tax code makes it difficult for many companies to take full advantage of the R&D Tax Credit. Procuring these tax benefits requires a deep understanding of the Internal Revenue Code (and associated Regulations) and the experience that comes only from conducting numerous successful research and development tax credit studies.

alliantgroup’s R&D professionals consist of attorneys, accountants, engineers, software developers, and scientists who have the experience and the technical capabilities to identify and maximize the research and development tax credits available to our clients. Specifically, our technical personnel can speak to your technical personnel on a level that no one else is able to achieve. This type of communication, coupled with our breadth and depth of R&D tax experience, lends itself to an unparalleled level of service which is unmatched by any other professional services firm.

Our job does not end with delivery of the R&D study. If the IRS or a state agency needs further clarification of the R&D claim, alliantgroup’s industry and tax experts will shepherd you through the entire claim and defense (if necessary) process.

To see if you qualify for a state or federal R&D Tax Credit, please complete our form below.