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1603 Renewable Energy Grants


alliantNational’s seasoned team of tax professionals and former IRS officials, with extensive experience in renewable energy transactions and audits, is uniquely qualified to assist energy project developers with all matters related to the ITC and PTC, including recovery of reduced 1603 grant awards. With the momentous victory for the renewable energy sector in Alta Wind V Owner Lessor v. United States, we can help you recover any portion of your 1603 grant awards that were improperly withheld by Treasury.

Our 1603 grant related services include:

  • Providing a complete assessment of your transaction
  • Determining likelihood of success
  • Representation before the Treasury
  • Advising on tax implications of future/current projects
  • Advising on tax consequences in the EPC and development stages
  • Full audit defense representation

With experience in defending 1603 renewable energy companies during IRS audits, our tax professionals are available to assist you if subject to IRS scrutiny. alliantNational’s experience and competence in assisting taxpayers with tax controversies is unmatched. Our team of former IRS officials will work with individuals at all levels of the IRS to ensure taxpayer favorable outcomes.

Our team of tax litigators are assisted by in-house licensed engineers who have devoted their careers to developing renewable energy systems and technology. These engineers offer valuable insight on project dynamics and equip our attorneys with the tools they need to successfully prevail during litigation or an IRS examination. In addition, our engineers assist our attorneys by:

  • Helping to determine and justify the true basis of 1603 property
  • Serving as expert witnesses during litigation
  • Validating appraisals and fair market value of projects
For immediate assistance, contact John Dies.