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Tax Controversy Services (TCS): Winning the Fight

Experienced Attorneys
alliantgroup TCS attorneys have been hand-selected based on their backgrounds and experience. Each attorney within alliantgroup TCS has litigation experience. Their years of courtroom experience provide them the foundation necessary to evaluate evidence, develop realistic evaluations of cases and position our clients to prevail in their tax controversy cases. When faced with a controversial audit, you or your clients deserve the best defense possible. alliantgroup TCS is poised to serve those needs.

The Resources to Serve Your Needs
Different tax positions require different resources to optimize your defense. Having access to a multitude of experts can help to offset the risk associated with any given potential tax liability. alliantgroup’s attorneys, accountants, engineers, software developers, MBAs, biologists, chemists and various other graduate degreed professionals are ready to assist in analyzing your position. alliantgroup TCS has the resources to tackle any issue that may arise, whether technical or accounting.

Why wait until the IRS comes knocking? Do you have questions concerning tax positions taken on your returns? Are you concerned about the due diligence that an acquiring company is about to perform? alliantgroup’s consulting services are ready to assist you today. alliantgroup TCS services include:

  • General Consulting
  • Pre-examination analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • IRS Service Center Support
  • Examination Planning
  • Audit Defense
  • Conference Appeals Representation
  • Litigation Support
  • FBAR / FATCA Compliance
  • Captive Insurance Compliance

Whatever the situation, alliantgroup TCS has the solution.

Supporting CPAs and Their Clients
CPAs are their clients most trusted professional advisor. CPAs need to know when seeking assistance outside of their firms that their clients are being handled by competent professionals. alliantgroup has aligned itself with thousands of CPA firms across the nation. alliantgroup is a trusted resource for CPA firms. When faced with controversy, you can roll the dice with another provider or call upon alliantgroup, a national firm renowned for serving CPAs and their clients.

Easing the CPA’s Burden
Today, there is a common complaint echoed across the CPA world: staffing, staffing, staffing. CPA firms across the nation are understaffed and overworked. There simply are not enough good CPAs to go around. alliantgroup TCS is part of the solution. alliantgroup TCS’ audit defense and consulting services can help ease the burden when you find yourself understaffed. alliantgroup TCS specialized skill and experience nicely complements a CPA’s practice, provides an outlet for excess work in the area of tax controversy and allows you to provide the best possible representation to your client — further building the bonds of trust in your relationship.

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