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Why join alliantgroup

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There are many reasons why the best and brightest find a home at alliantgroup. Here are just a few:

  • Home office in dynamic Houston, Texas, and regional offices throughout the country.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit within a stable, successful company.
  • No limits! We want our people to use their skills to their best advantage and to follow their aspirations. If you have an interest in a specific area, we're willing to listen.
  • We're the industry leader. Our people keep us two steps ahead of the competition, and they like it that way.
  • The intelligence, dedication, and spirit of our employees is so impressive, we amaze ourselves sometimes.
  • Our wide range of clients means you get to work with and learn from successful business owners, C-level executives, and professionals from just about every industry.
  • You will discover unique and new technologies daily, as you learn what our client companies do.
  • Many of our employees are trained as specialists in the sciences, engineering disciplines, law, accounting, and more. But at alliantgroup they apply their training and skills in a diverse range of ways, so the work never becomes routine. Many of our employees were looking for something outside the traditional career path they may have originally envisioned, and they find it here.