• Our government has legislated
    powerful programs to help businesses
    grow and compete.
    We are proud to have helped
    over 12,000 businesses claim more
    than $6 billion in tax incentives!

  • R&D is NOT just for scientists
    and neither are the tax savings

  • Get Green
    For Building Green

  • Don’t Let the Ship Sail
    on Export Incentives

  • Government Relations and
    Tax Advisory Services

  • A gift to American businesses ...
    The R&D Tax Credit
    is now permanent
    This is the most exciting piece of tax legislation to hit in decades!!
    On December 18, 2015 the president signed the PATH act, which included permanency for the R&D Tax Credit and several other key expansions.

  • R&D Tax Credit Whitepaper
    New IRS Data
    Illuminates the R&D Tax Credit
    Learn More
    Recent changes to the R&D tax credit make it more available than ever. Download our white paper to learn more.

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