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alliantgroup is Exceeding Expectations

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The right resources, knowledge, experience, and client service.

The Resources
Nobody can be an expert in everything. All but a handful of the largest CPA firms seek outside assistance with tax areas that require highly specialized knowledge and experience, such as the R&D tax credit, export incentives, sales & use tax reviews, Enterprise Zones, and other credits and incentives. alliantgroup offers unparalleled depth of resources in these complex areas of tax law.

Who are the experts? alliantgroup staff includes attorneys, CPAs, MBAs, Ph.D.'s, engineers, software designers, biologists, chemists, and other graduate-degreed professionals who know how and where to look for, identify, and substantiate the tax opportunities that help clients save and/or recover hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

The Knowledge
There are more than 7,000 federal, state, and local credits and incentives available. Providing comprehensive services to CPA firms and businesses requires that alliantgroup keep up daily with constantly-changing laws and regulations, as well as federal and state rulings and tax-related court decisions. We pay close attention to positions taken during audits, “hot button” issues for the taxing authorities, and what they want to see to allow R&D and other tax credit claims. Acting as the “eyes and ears” of alliantgroup, our Tax Controversy Services (TCS) group works closely with our implementation teams to adapt our procedures and methodologies as needed.

Our job is not just to understand it all, but to help keep our clients up-to-date and to translate knowledge into action. alliantgroup does this every day, not just to be a good resource for our clients, but to be the resource that they simply can't find anywhere else.

The Experience
You want assurance that your tax services provider has experience in your particular industry. Our R&D group alone has prepared more than 15,000 studies for clients in a diverse range of industries, which means that we have amassed a great deal of experience identifying and qualifying research and development activities and other opportunities specific to each industry. We understand our clients' businesses and their priorities.

The Service
Client service means something different to each client. To some it means continuous communication with no surprises or always returning calls and answering questions quickly. To others it means meeting deadlines and delivering even more than what's expected. Every alliantgroup team member is committed to providing an unsurpassed level of service. We establish timelines and meet or beat them, working on our clients' schedules and answering questions clearly. We work with clients in the least intrusive manner possible. Finally, all of our work goes through at least a three-tier review process to ensure that nothing is overlooked, and no study is ever sent to a client without a TCS attorney reviewing it to ensure it will stand up under any level of scrutiny.

At alliantgroup, we treat every client as though they were our only client, whether our client is a Fortune 500 or a start-up. Our clients benefit, as do the CPA firms with which we work.

Working with CPA Firms
alliantgroup serves more than 3,500 CPA firms nationwide. We do not compete with our CPA firm partners. Instead, we complement their services in the way a specialist complements a primary care physician. Initially, alliantgroup meets with the CPA firm to introduce our services and to establish the grounds for a successful, long-term relationship. alliantgroup then works with the CPA firm directly to identify prospective clients and tax service opportunities. We qualify the identified opportunities free of charge. Only after extensive consultation with the CPA firm and the prospective client does alliantgroup issue a proposal to the client.