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ERC tax controversy

IRS shares 5 warning signs that Employee Retention claims may be incorrect. As stated in IR-2024-78, the IRS is currently in the process of reviewing $3 billion in claims and plans to ramp up the sending of disallowance letters and audit notices in the coming months.

alliantNational is ready to help defend your business and claim!
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alliantgroup has been helping American businesses overcome the challenges of today to prepare them for the future. Our most sought after service has been helping companies identify and leverage the largest federal and state incentives available including ERC, R&D, and 179D. Let our industry experts and four former IRS commissioners help you claim what you deserve.

R&D Tax Credit

Does your company make new, improved, or custom products, designs or processes ? Get up to six to seven figures in funds!

Section 179D Tax Deduction

Have you improved the energy efficiency of any government buildings such as school, military or municipal buildings? Get up to $5.65 per square foot!

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Talent Services

Having trouble finding accountants to sustain your firm or grow? We can put entire teams at your disposal that will meet you expectations.

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We offer a comprehensive set of cybersecurity services that are dependable, adaptable, and scalable, to protect everything you’ve built.

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Tax Advisory Services

We are the nation’s leader in tax incentives because our team of former IRS commissioners and industry experts is unrivaled.

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Tax Advantage

CPA Services

From bookkeeping to audit support to financial reporting, we can deliver entire teams to be a backroom for your firm. We also ensure the quality of work delivered will be to your standards.

Hiring Credits & Incentives

If you are hiring people from unique target segments with lower employment rates, you can be rewarded with tax credits. Connect with us to know more.

Section 199A Deduction

If you represent an individual, estate, or trust who owns pass-through businesses, we can help you qualify for the Sec 199A deduction.

Export Incentives

If you are a domestic manufacturer or distributor with export sales, you can take advantage of tax incentives designed for your day-to-day operations.


Unparalleled Professionals, Technology, and Experience

alliantgroup strives to make every single one of our clients a Raving Fan. Since our inception, we have built ourselves into the nation’s premier consulting and management engineering firm by going above and beyond to give our clients an A+++ experience.

  • It starts with our people. We have over 1,500 dedicated professionals that work around the clock to make sure your every concern is addressed.
  • Our professionals also use the most cutting-edge tools to make our process as efficient and as seamless as possible for you. We built our own suite of proprietary AI tools, alliant AI, to service our clients because nothing exists on the market that can deliver the value our clients need.
  • Finally, our deep bench of Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) members brings unparalleled experience and insights to our clients. From industry luminaries that are providing solutions to the biggest concerns of their respective fields to Washington insiders that have their fingers on the pulse of what Congress and the Administration have in store for business owners, we deliver intel no one else has.