About Alliantgroup

Who are we?

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alliantgroup is an independent consulting firm that works with CPA firms and their clients to ensure that they receive the full benefit of the many powerful federal and state government sponsored tax credits and incentive programs, such as Research and Development Tax Credits, export incentives, domestic manufacturing incentives, hiring and training incentives, state and local tax consulting, and others. Our reputation for providing “best-in-class” service has earned the trust and respect of our clients and others nationwide.

Our Team Approach

At alliantgroup, most people work within teams. We're very cognizant that a cohesive, unified team approach is critical to providing our clients with the kind of service and work product that keeps them returning to alliantgroup. Additionally, everyone here has access to management, which helps create a very comfortable environment. While most companies say they have an “open door policy,” how many really do? At alliantgroup, all managers, including the CEO and COO, leave their doors open, and they are always eager to jump in to work with you to find solutions for our clients or explore the suggestions you have.

“I grew up playing soccer so pretty much from age 5 to 22, soccer was my life. Once I started my collegiate career, I discovered there was something extremely special about the bond and comradery that I shared with my teammates. We were among the best of the best and no win was achieved without a team effort. We were a family. As we talk day in and day out about our culture, our mission, and what alliantgroup means to us individually, I can't help but draw the same conclusion that we are a family here, too. No success comes without team effort. No success comes without the sum of all parts being greater than an individual. And no success comes without every member of the alliantgroup family working towards one common goal. I can say without a doubt that alliantgroup truly is my soccer team now.”
-- Paula Pritzen, Senior Associate

“Receiving a blue “a” award is NOT about winning an award or money. It's about what the blue “a” represents. It's about fully embracing the company culture, mission, and client experience. The blue “a” represents working hard every day to ensure our clients have the best experience possible, which results in creating genuine, organic raving fans. It is about being the top talent among the top talent. Striving for a blue “a” award is about much more than recognition- it is working hard to make THE blue “a” the strongest, greatest company in the industry and beyond.”
-- Molly Carpenter, Senior Associate