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Research and Development Tax Incentives for the Civil Engineering Industry

It's an unfortunate truth that far too many civil engineering firms fail to realize that their activities designing and developing systems for unique buildings and other structures may constitute qualified research and development (R&D) activities under the tax code, potentially entitling them to significant R&D tax credits. If you think you have to be a pharmaceutical company, designing a space shuttle, or operating in a laboratory to be conducting qualified activities as defined by the Internal Revenue Code, think again.

If your firm is in the civil engineering industry, there is a strong chance that you could benefit from an R&D Tax Credit Study. Let alliantgroup's Architecture & Engineering experts help you claim the credits that you deserve!

Examples of activities and innovations eligible for R&D tax incentives include the following:

  • Bridge and highway design to meet specific structural and drainage requirements
  • Pavement, roadway, and street design and the design of its related infrastructure
  • Developing innovative lateral force resistance systems for buildings
  • Foundation and earthwork design for unique site conditions
  • Design of retaining wall structures
  • Unique water treatment plant designs to optimize plant capacity or efficiency
  • Innovative wastewater technology development
  • Design of renewable energy infrastructure
  • Sanitary sewer systems and water collection system designs for new residential communities
  • Designing unique water pipelines and ancillary systems
  • Efficient grading designs for master plan requirements, including site drainage and plot foundations
  • Hydrology modeling used to determine water flow within a site
  • Water distribution systems for municipalities and water districts
  • Pump station designs
  • Military and civilian airfield infrastructure
  • Design of seismic infrastructure and retro-fitting

alliantgroup's Architecture & Engineering Industry Specialization Team
In order to better serve engineering firms of all kinds, alliantgroup has developed an Industry Specialization Program that focuses on the qualification and quantification of R&D tax benefits for companies operating in the engineering industry. alliantgroup's Architecture & Engineering Specialization Group employs individuals who have educational backgrounds and practical experience within the disciplines of architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. alliantgroup has qualified and quantified credits for firms ranging from small startup firms to large, multinational architecture and engineering firms.

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