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Research and Development Tax Incentives for the Construction Industry

Many construction companies are unaware that the government offers generous research and development (R&D) incentive programs. Other companies are aware of the R&D tax credit, but fail to take full advantage due to misconceptions about the types of research and development activities that qualify. The fact is that a broad range of common construction industry practices will qualify for the credit under the Internal Revenue Code's definition of R&D. Research and development is not limited to the work of dedicated scientists. Construction industry engineers, technologists, designers, and machinists often spend a substantial portion of their time developing superior designs and manufacturing practices in an effort to remain competitive. This continuous evolution of technologies provides ample opportunities for companies to take advantage of these tax incentive programs.

If your company operates in the construction industry, there is a strong chance that you would benefit from an R&D tax credit study. Let alliantgroup's construction experts help you claim the credits that you deserve.

Examples of construction activities and innovations eligible for R&D tax incentives include:

• Means and methods and construction techniques
• Structure and facility design for constructability
• Construction equipment development and improvement
• Design for LEED/green initiatives
• HVAC design
• Electrical system design
• Building Information Modeling (BIM) for sub-system coordination
• Analysis of the functions of a design directed at improving performance, reliability, quality, safety and/or life cycle costs
• Request for Information Process (RFI's)
• Mechanical equipment sizing

alliantgroup's Construction Industry Specialization Team
In order to better serve construction corporations, alliantgroup has developed an Industry Specialization Program that focuses on the qualification and quantification of R&D tax benefits for companies operating in the diverse areas that comprise construction. alliantgroup's Construction Specialization Group employs individuals who have educational backgrounds and hands-on experience within the disciplines of manufacturing, engineering, electronics, material sciences, lean manufacturing, and chemistry. alliantgroup has qualified and quantified credits for corporations ranging from small private companies to large-scale defense contractors.

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