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Small Businesses Weary From Needless IRS Audits – 32% of Small Business Audits Find Nothing (08-13-10)

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Places “Unnecessary Burden on Compliant Taxpayers” and Leads to “Inefficient Use of Limited (Audit) Resources,” says Taxpayer Inspector General “The Taxman Needs to do a Better Job,” says Zerbe of alliantgroup


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WASHINGTON – IRS auditors may be unnecessarily burdening small businesses and potentially wasting precious resources, according to a new report issued by the Treasury Inspector General Taxpayer Advocate (TIGTA). Over the past five years, approximately one of every three small business tax audits conducted by the IRS resulted in no change in taxes, according to the report. “Examinations that result in no change to the tax reported can result in an inefficient use of limited examination resources and place an unnecessary burden on compliant taxpayers,” said TIGTA in its executive summary of the findings. 


Dean Zerbe, National Managing Director for alliantgroup, a specialty tax firm that serves thousands of small and mid-sized businesses, issued this response to the study:


“Clearly, the taxman needs to do a better job of deciding on whose doors to knock. In these economic times, the last thing a compliant small business needs is to face the enormous cost, time and grind of a needless IRS audit. This study calls for a serious rethink in how the IRS chooses small businesses for examinations.”

The report can be found at: http://treasury.gov/tigta/auditreports/2010reports/201030067fr.pd

A pdf of this release can be found