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I've always believed that the tax code should encourage
the success of small and medium businesses.

That's true now more than ever in these tough economic times.
Small and medium businesses are the engine of growth in this nation.
We need them hitting on all cylinders to get the economy moving forward.
Business owners should learn about the tax incentives meant for you.
These incentives will help you hire more employees
or improve or expand your business.

- Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), October 2008 -

alliantgroup is the nation's premier high-value provider of specialty tax consulting services. We help businesses achieve significant tax savings by taking full advantage of the more than 7,000 available federal, state, and local tax credits and business incentives.

Services include (but are not limited to) the Research and Development Tax Credit, Export Incentives, Sales and Use Tax, Hiring & Training Credits, SALT - State and Local Tax Credits and Business Incentives, Domestic Production Deduction, Energy Tax Incentives, Tax Controversy Services, and Captive Insurance Companies.

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