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Blue Heart Fund

The Mission

At alliantgroup, one of our core cultural values is investment. We believe in investing in our employees, our clients and our community. From Back-to-School events, to celebrating outstanding science teachers, we believe that the power of investment extends far beyond what the eye can see.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, like many Houstonians, we felt compelled to act. Our team rallied together to help demolish destroyed homes, pack emergency care packages at the Houston Food Bank, and collected supplies for local non-for-profits. But we still felt like there was more we could do…

Therefore, we launched The Blue Heart Fund with the goal of giving back to our clients and our community. In addition to helping those impacted by the storm, the intention was to grow the Blue Heart Fund to support STEM education. STEM education is a passion of our CEO, Dhaval Jadav, who constantly hears from our clients that the number one problem they face is a lack of skilled technical workers in the United States. And it’s not surprising why – the number of students finishing in STEM fields has dropped 14% over the last decade.

As technology becomes even more prevalent in the workplace, STEM-related skills will be of the utmost importance for the next generation of Americans. In recognition of this truth and to support the next generation’s pursuit of the American Dream, the Blue Heart Fund will work to enhance the ability of local schools to deliver engaging STEM opportunities and curriculums for their students. From scholarship opportunities to events exposing students to STEM-related careers, The Blue Heart Fund aims to bring our passion for STEM to life in our local community.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to the community, the clients we serve and the people we work with.