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The R&D Tax Credit
& Manufacturing: A Revival Story

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How and why manufacturers and fabricators are benefiting the most from the R&D credit
  • Why changes relating to laws, regulations, guidance and court decisions have greatly expanded the number of companies that are eligible for the credit
  • Why business owners and CPAs tend to overlook the R&D credit in regards to their tax planning

R&D Tax Credit Overview

Innovation and ingenuity are at the heart of what has made American manufacturing so successful and such an integral part of the U.S. economy. So it’s no coincidence that Congress created an incentive that was meant to reward the very type of innovation that manufacturers and fabricators take part in on a daily basis.

As the economic climate continues to drastically change, the manufacturing industry must be ready to take advantage of government relief tools such as the R&D Tax Creditthe largest permanent tax credit available for U.S. businesses.

Here Are Some of Our Clients' Success Stories:

Manufacturing Company

$12 MM

R&D Tax Credits Realized

Previous Result $4 M (four years)

200% Increase

Metal Fabricator

$1.2 MM

R&D Tax Credits Realized

Previous Result $160,000

650% Increase

Refrigeration Manufacturer

$4 MM

R&D Tax Credits Realized

Previous Result $400,000

900% Increase