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alliantgroup, LP is currently experiencing explosive growth! As the nation’s premier consulting and management engineering firm in the country we help strengthen US businesses and prepare them for the future. How do we do this? We hire and develop the best people!

2021 best places to work

Who is alliantgroup?

alliantgroup is an independent consulting firm that works with CPA firms and their clients to ensure that they receive the full benefit of the many powerful federal and state government sponsored tax credits and incentive programs, such as the Research and Development Tax Credit, the Employee Retention Credit, energy incentives, export incentives, domestic manufacturing incentives, hiring and training incentives, state and local tax consulting, and others. Our reputation for providing best-in-class service has earned the trust and respect of our clients and others nationwide.

An inside look at our collaborative culture

At alliantgroup, most people work within teams. We’re very cognizant that a cohesive, unified team approach is critical to providing our clients with the kind of service and work product that keeps them returning to alliantgroup. Additionally, everyone here has access to management, which helps create a very comfortable environment. While most companies say they have an “open-door policy,” how many really do? At alliantgroup, all managers, including the CEO Dhaval Jadav and CRO Shane Frank, leave their doors open, and they are always eager to collaborate in order to find solutions for our clients or explore the suggestions you have.

Sam Keegan
Managing Director

“The atmosphere at alliantgroup is unparalleled, due in large part to the emphasis placed on creating a culture that allows individuals to grow to their full potential.”

Your growth – a career awaits

alliantgroup offers a collaborative, team-oriented, dynamic environment that encourages transparency, mutual respect, and continuous learning. If you are ready to propel your career to the next level, then you are ready for the alliantgroup experience!

Core Values


At alliantgroup, we believe in investing in our employees through various training programs and mentorships that we offer. We also encourage our employees to invest in themselves and others. There is no limit to the growth you can achieve.

Energy and Passion

We have high energy and passion for what we do! No one does it like we do. Every day, we are able to help American businesses put money back into their pockets so that they can continue to grow and create new jobs and innovative products!


We are a team! Our office is an open pod layout. It allows for collaboration and free flowing of ideas. We encourage employees to share, ideas, opinions, thoughts that allow us to make the very best decisions. We help each other to succeed.

Raving Fan Mission

Our #1 mission is to create Raving Fans!! We want to deliver an A+++ client experience with every interaction.


We are a relatively flat organization allowing for the free exchange of ideas. Management and employees work hand in hand to deliver an exceptional client experience. Employees truly have an open door to management at all times.


Sense of urgency is big when it comes to what we do. We have clients that need our help and time is of essence. In order to provide the best client service, our employees feel the urgency behind every interaction whether internal or external.

Active Not Passive

We are entrepreneurial and encourage our employees to take initiative and use their innovation and creativity to positively impact the firm.

High Performance

alliantgroup is a high-performance culture. Your success here is in your own hands. High performance is recognized and rewarded.


Express gratitude to the people who make you excellent.


We think the best way to develop and grow professionals is through constant feedback and dialogue.



Additional Perks​

Paid Time Off