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2021 CPA Resource Guide


We know that your goal is to provide value to your clients by keeping their interests in mind and their tax liability as low as possible. At alliantgroup, our continued goal is to bring value to you and your firm. After serving more than 4,500 CPA firms across the country and receiving multiple requests for a simple checklist or quick-reference tool to help identify clients with tax-saving opportunities, we developed a checklist that will make your job easier.

Our CPA checklist will help you identify clients who may have unclaimed tax credits, incentives, or deductions available to them. Should you have any clients who meet the requirements, we have the resources to help you help those clients take full advantage of the opportunities.


  • Business Tax Deadlines
  • 2021 Estmated Tax Payment Due Dates
  • The American Jobs Plan
  • New Safe Harbor For Claiming PPP Deductions
  • Micro-Captives Focus
  • Employee Retention Credit Guide
  • Effective Checklist