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alliantgroup is the Nation's Premier Consulting and Management Engineering Firm

alliantgroup’s core mission is helping American businesses overcome the challenges of today to prepare your business for the world of the 22nd Century and beyond.

Unlike other consultancies, we work hand in hand with our clients to implement quantifiable solutions to their most critical concerns. There are no long-winded reports with mere suggestions; our goal is to tangibly transform your operations and deliver measurable results to your organization. 


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alliant ai proprietary management

To that end, alliantgroup’s consultants and management engineers employ a rigorous, science-based methodology that leverages our best-in-class suite of artificial intelligence-based tools to accelerate the growth of your business.

For 23 years, we’ve developed a methodical framework for understanding every client’s industry, issues, and sector dynamics. We invest tens of millions of dollars of our firm’s resources annually in knowledge development, learning and advocacy.

We are constantly studying markets, trends, and best practices so that we can provide unparalleled service for you, our client. We combine the data we’ve amassed with insights from a world-class Strategic Advisory Board that includes Washington insiders, experts, and thought leaders from industry, government, policy, management, and technology.

Experience the alliantgroup advantage for yourself today.

Why alliantgroup?

Unparalleled People, Technology, and Experience

alliantgroup strives to make every single one of our clients a Raving Fan. Since our inception, we have built ourselves into the nation’s premier consulting and management engineering firm by going above and beyond to give our clients an AAA+ experience.

  • It starts with our people. We have more than 2,000 dedicated professionals that work around the clock to make sure your every concern is addressed.
  • Our professionals also use the most cutting-edge tools to make our process as efficient and as seamless as possible for you. We built our own suite of proprietary AI tools, alliant AI, to service our clients because nothing exists on the market that can deliver the value our clients need.
  • Finally, our deep bench of Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) members brings unparalleled experience and insights to our clients. From industry luminaries that are providing solutions to the biggest concerns of their respective fields to Washington insiders that have their fingers on the pulse of what Congress and the Administration have in store for business owners; we deliver intel no one else has.

Proprietary Suite of Artificial Intelligence Tools

Through the years, alliantgroup has continually enhanced its process by adding AI and Machine Learning algorithms to not only increase efficiency but also identify additional value.

Our platform provides client-side digital data validation, operator-enabled efficiency, and high-quality business logic based on expertise from industry-experienced tax professionals.

How Increases Efficiency

Calculation Model

We have developed a proprietary calculation model that is specific to R&D and is designed with a complex entity structure in mind.

Expedited Onboarding

We offer a speedy onboarding process with R&D claim time estimates using AI to parse client payroll and industry data.

Contract Analysis

Our artificial intelligence has made substantiating contract expenses a significantly less tedious process for clients.

QRE & QRA Nexus

Part of the suite includes technology that efficiently identifies and substantiates the nexus between qualifying research expenses and activities.


Data security and privacy are of paramount importance, which is why we employ a 24/7 security operations center with a best-in-class MDR solution.

Forecasting and Budgeting

Not only does make the study process more efficient but it also includes a proprietary algorithm that helps clients forecast and budget for future R&D expenses.

Software Integrations

Our best-in-class software integrates with the platforms of leading accounting firms to provide a seamless workflow for all parties involved.

  • alliantgroup’s software integrates financial, engineering, industry and project tracking data to increase the speed, accuracy, and size of eligible R&D tax credits.

Statistical Model

We employ a team of Ph.D. and Master level statisticians who have built an industry-leading statistical model.

  • Machine learning has been incorporated into that model to further enhance speed and efficiency and add value.

Claim Transparency

Transparency is a core value at alliantgroup. We offer claim process transparency through alliantgroup’s project management and reporting tools, allowing clients to see how their tax credits were derived, taking the complexity and mystery out of the process.

Qualifications and Industry Expertise

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, alliantgroup ensures our clients receive the full benefit of available federal and state government-sponsored tax credits and incentives, such as the ERC Tax Controversy, Research and Development Tax Credit and the Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Deduction (179D). Over the years, alliantgroup’s team of experts has been on the forefront of major tax legislation, working directly with members of Congress to represent the needs and interests of small and middle-market businesses. We are dedicated to strengthening American business!

The alliantgroup Team

With more than 2,000 professionals on staff and growing, alliantgroup is the only tax consulting firm in the country with architects, engineers, software developers, PhDs, scientists, tax attorneys, litigators, ex-Big 4 accounting firm partners, and CPAs. Having worked with more than 40,000 businesses, we have a deep understanding of how to optimize and substantiate tax claims for our clients. Our unique model offers clients unmatched expertise marrying industry knowledge with the complex requirements of the tax code.

Strategic Advisory Board

alliantgroup maintains an active Strategic Advisory Board whose members are all renowned experts in their fields and top business minds. They bring their own unique experience and expertise to alliantgroup and include Washington, D.C. insiders Mark Everson (former IRS Commissioner), Dean Zerbe and Dawn Levy (former Tax Counsels to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee where major tax legislation is written), Kit Bond (former U.S. Senator), Rick Lazio (former U.S. Congressman), and Bob Riley (former Governor of Alabama).

All of our board members are passionate about helping U.S. businesses succeed. With the guidance and direction of our Board, alliantgroup continues to evolve our methodologies for the critical documentation and reporting required by the IRS and applies real-time industry insights. Because of this legislative, regulatory, and industry knowledge, along with our team’s unparalleled experience, alliantgroup is recognized as the nation’s leading tax consulting firm in the U.S. serving small and medium sized businesses.