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Industries We Serve

In 2021 alone, alliantgroup delivered over $2.3 billion in credits and incentives to over 14,000 businesses. Part of our advantage is that we have experts from nearly every industry that already know your business inside and out. Read more below to see how we can help identify value for your business based on your industry.


Mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of raw materials, substances, or parts into new products can qualify for significant tax savings. Click below to learn more.


Cultivating crops, raising livestock, and processing raw materials can qualify for the largest incentives, including the R&D tax credit! Learn more below.


Engineering firms are often highly qualified for incentives that reward businesses that hire technical labor. Find out how much you can save.


Construction companies are building America and the federal government has introduced tax breaks specifically to help these businesses flourish. Find out which incentives your business is eligible for below.


Planning and designing buildings are business activities that are highly rewarded by federal incentives. Find out why your ever day work can generate substantial cash funds.

Software & Tech

If you are writing code, iterating on existing software, integrating technologies, or helping other businesses go digital, you qualify for the largest incentives the government offers. Click below to learn more.

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