alliantgroup Industry Specialization Teams

Many companies are unaware that the government offers generous research and development (R&D) incentive programs. Other companies are aware of the R&D tax credit, but fail to take full advantage due to misconceptions about the types of research and development activities that qualify. The fact is that a broad range of common practices in many industries will qualify for the credit under the Internal Revenue Code’s definition of R&D. Research and development is not limited to the work of dedicated scientists, and at alliantgroup we understand this.

alliantgroup’s Industry Specialization Program focuses on the qualification and quantification of R&D tax benefits for companies in a variety of specific industries, allowing us to develop the kind of specialized expertise that helps us serve our clients best. The industry teams alliantgroup has developed employ individuals who have educational backgrounds and hands-on experience within specific industries.

If your company operates in any of the industries listed on the left sidebar of this page, there is a strong chance that you would benefit from an R&D tax credit study. Let alliantgroup’s industry experts help you claim the credits that you deserve!

Our Industry Specialization Teams for the R&D Tax Credit include: