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The R&D Tax Credit:
Driving Innovation
& Job Creation

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R&D Tax Credit Overview

In 2021 alone, we delivered over $2.3 billion in credits and incentives to over 14,000 businesses. We don’t want to stop there. alliantgroup has assembled teams of talented industry experts to research and provide information that you need to understand how Section 41 can genuinely benefit your business fully.

Section 41 of the U.S. Tax Code is a time-tested tool designed to accelerate growth in American businesses. Since its creation in the 1980s, this incentive has become the largest tax credit available.

Whats is included in this whitepaper

Which industries and companies are benefiting the most from the R&D credit

Why changes relating to laws, regulations, guidance, and court decisions have greatly expanded the number of companies that are eligible for the credit

Why business owners and CPAs tend to overlook the R&D credit in regard to their tax planning

How competitors in your industry are benefitting

Why do many eligible business owners and their CPAs fail to take advantage of the R&D credit

How laws and regulations have changed to allow more companies to benefit than ever before

The types of qualifying business activities

How many businesses like yours are claiming annually