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Is Your Ecommerce Packaging Eligible for Tax Rewards?

Stores became mini-warehouses, parcel-drop numbers skyrocketed, and store shipping and curbside pickups became the norm — all to adapt to shifting customer behaviors. Consumers ordered more, waited less, and expected delivery in tamper-free, COVID-19-safe packaging. And yet, they remained resistant to paying extra to help share merchants’ burden of increased costs.

Supply Chain Disruptions and the Employee Retention Credit

The world of packaging has come out of the pandemic strong and is helping America get back on its feet. In an effort to accelerate American businesses out of recovery mode and back into growth mode, Congress made legislative changes to significantly cut taxes for businesses who kept employees throughout the pandemic through federal incentives.


alliantgroup Named an Associate Member of the AICC, The Independent Packaging Association

alliantgroup is thrilled to announce that it has been named an Associate Member of the AICC, The Independent Packaging Association. The AICC is committed to representing and protecting the business interests of its members, and alliantgroup is committed to helping their mission. AICC members are independent companies providing corrugated, folding carton and rigid box packaging.


Underused tax incentive could benefit material handling companies

While innovation in the material handling sector will itself create growth, a powerful tax incentive can help companies become more agile by putting money back into the hands of the business. The R&D Tax Credit, which is a dollar-for-dollar incentive that to date has helped U.S. businesses save $10 billion every year, was implemented in the late 1980s to encourage domestic corporate innovation.