2304, 2021

Three Key Tax Incentives for IT Consultants

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By Rick White, Managing Director
April 23, 2021
Published in InformationWeek.comThis year, IT consultants are eligible for powerful tax incentives that can help fund their innovation efforts and keep their technical workers on staff.

The $1.9 trillion stimulus package recently enacted by Congress and the Biden Administration has something in it for almost everyone, and IT consultants are no exception. When combined with the previous round of incentives passed during the last days of the Trump administration, it creates a very attractive set of financial resources that consultants should not ignore. Credit programs, which allow businesses to reduce their tax payments, got the biggest boost. These bills are thousands of pages long, but I’ve picked out the three most relevant provisions that IT consultants need to pay attention to this […]

504, 2021

New Tax Incentives for Commercial and Industrial Automation Integrators

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By Tracy Lustyan, Managing Director
March 29, 2021
Published in Automation.com

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, but the question is, will the United States be as influential as we have been in recent decades? Many would argue the opposite as we exit the top-10 index of global innovation.

Samsung was the world’s largest R&D investor last year, positioning South Korea just behind the U.S. as the second largest hub for semiconductor production. So, with countries such as China becoming increasingly competitive, what can we do to regain our authority in the world as our economy struggles to compete in a global marketplace?

There has been an overwhelming need for automation technology in both commercial and industrial settings as Industry 4.0 continues to make its impact on a variety of industries. The beauty of automation is the […]

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