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Agriculture Case Studies

Business Activities That May Qualify

  • Hybridization or development of new strains of crops, plants, or livestock
  • Implementation of precision farming techniques in an attempt to increase yield and/or production efficiency
  • Experimentation with new or different fertilizers (organic etc.)
  • Development/implementation of new ways to protect crops from disease
  • Development and implementation of new irrigation systems
  • Evaluation and implementation of new techniques to increase yields
  • Attempts to develop or implement new cultivation techniques
  • Development of new disease-resistant crops or livestock
  • Development of new ways to prevent or control disease or insect pests
  • Improvements in harvesting techniques
  • Implementation of new equipment to improve harvest cycle times
  • Development or experimentation with new feeds or feeding techniques for livestock
  • Development and experimentation with new breeding techniques
  • Development of new gene transfer technologies
  • Efforts to optimize treatment and management of farm wastes in an energy-efficient manner
  • Development and/or implementation of automated processes
  • Development of an innovative product or process
  • Design and implementation of biosecurity practices: facility cleaning and disinfection

Here Are Some of Our Clients' Success Stories:

Poultry Company

$3.2 MM

R&D Tax Credits Realized

Annual Revenue: $183 MM

Feed Mill


R&D Tax Credits Realized

Annual Revenue: $80 MM

Dairy Company


R&D Tax Credits Realized

Annual Revenue: $9 MM

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