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Business Activities That May Qualify

  • Integrating operations with FDA, Animal Drug Availability Act and other regulations
  • Improving mill processes to eliminate cross contamination of ruminant by-products into cattle feed
  • Attempting to reduce rework of feed
  • Maintaining formulation control
  • Creating process improvements due to lean manufacturing or ISO-compliance or other production efficiency efforts
  • Implementing good manufacturing practices for premix and medicated feed as outlined in codes and federal regulations
  • Introducing changes to integrate horizontal or other mixers
  • Making improvements to fat storage and handling
  • Making changes to production to reduce regulated emissions
  • Increasing absorption of feed
  • Gaining efficiency in the pre-processing steps and the final feed manufacturing line
  • Innovating the process of cleaning materials of sand, dust, and weeds
  • Maintaining pellet quality such as changes to formulation, particle size, conditioning, die specifications, and pellet cooling
  • Innovating with changes to mash, including ingredients, time spent in the conditioner, quantity and quality of steam, and adequacy of mixing
  • Making changes to mill to handle both clean and infested grain simultaneously while maintaining identity of all feed grain and seed so segregation can be maintained
  • Creating process changes to integrate screen, sieve-type or disc mill to remove weed seeds to meet a zero tolerance
  • Improving dd hammermills and attrition mills to reduce weed seed contamination
  • Gaining efficiency in steam heating to assure a constant mass temperature
  • Changing and spurring innovation aimed at:
    • Increased bulk density
    • Less bridging/hang-up in bins
    • Less dust
    • Reduced ingredient segregation
    • Less feed waste
    • Increased nutrient density
    • Improved palatability
    • Increased nutrient availability
    • Decreased microbiological activity
  • Integrating of post grinding systems
  • Implementing wastewater treatment systems

Agriculture Company (Poultry)

[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design05″ color_scheme=”blue” package_heading=”R&D Tax Credits Realized:” heading_tag=”h2″ package_price=”$3.2 Million”]

Annual Revenue $183 Million


Agriculture Company (Feed Mill)

[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design05″ color_scheme=”blue” package_heading=”R&D Tax Credits Realized:” heading_tag=”h2″ package_price=”$505,000″]

Annual Revenue $80 Million