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Furniture & Cabinet Manufacturing Case Studies

Business Activities That May Qualify

  • Designing and developing new or improved products
  • Conceptualizing requirements and specifications
  • Developing prototypes and samples
  • Researching with respect to materials:
    • Aluminum / Magnesium / Stainless Steel
    • Wood / Plywood Shell
    • Plastics
    • Granite
    • Glass
  • Designing and Developing:
    • Coating materials and systems
    • Frames and frame strength
    • Fabrics and fabric finishes
    • Structural strength and integrity
    • Effect on fabrication process
    • Adherence to regulatory requirements
    • Reducing costs
  • Researching the following furniture characteristics:
    • Stackability
    • Weight
    • Durability
    • Environmental effects
    • Washing Smoothness / softness
    • Rigidity
    • Feel or texture
    • Stretch and flexibility
    • Shrinkage & recovery characteristics
    • Longevity
    • Resistance to:
      • Scratching
      • Rusting
      • Corrosive factors
      • Bacteria
      • Fire
      • Tearing
      • Washing / Water damage
      • Heat
      • Off-gassing
      • Oxidation
      • Polishing
  • Producing the following processes:
    • Designing and developing cost-effective and innovative operational processes
    • Integrating new materials to improve product performance and manufacturing processes
    • Determining tooling requirements and optimal placement of equipment
    • Evaluating and determining the most efficient flow of materials
    • Designing and evaluating process alternatives
    • Designing, constructing, and testing product prototypes
    • Developing processes that would meet increasing regulatory requirements
    • Reducing labor costs
    • Alternative material testing
    • Achieving compliance with changing emissions laws and regulations
    • Streamlining manufacturing processes through automation
    • Increasing manufacturing capabilities and production capacities
    • Developing and Implementing new / improved safety enhancements
    • Developing new applications
    • Improving product quality
    • Implementing new production standards and quality assurance processes
    • Improving yields
    • Reducing manufacturing times
    • Optimizing manufacturing processes
    • Increasing operating and economic efficiencies
    • Improvements in Metalworking
      • Casting
      • Forging
      • Welding
      • Amalgamating
      • Grinding

Here Are Some of Our Clients' Success Stories:

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer


R&D Tax Credits Realized

Annual Revenue: $27 MM

Cabinet & Furniture Manufacturer


R&D Tax Credits Realized

Annual Revenue: $27 MM

Wood Interiors Manufacturer


R&D Tax Credits Realized

Annual Revenue: $15.6 MM

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